Job creation opportunities

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The natural environment is a powerful ally in the country’s efforts to create jobs and a better life for its people. Through invasive species management, many thousands of jobs have been created since 1995.

The City of Cape Town is aligned to National Resource Management (NRM) programmes (Department of Environmental Affairs), which include Working for Water (WFW), Working for Wetlands and Working on Fire. NRM programmes spearhead South Africa’s invasive species initiatives and are funded by the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

Since its inception in 1995, the WFW programme has cleared more than two million hectares of invasive alien plants, providing jobs and training for more than 25 000 people a year from among the most marginalised sectors of society.

The EPWP principles ensure that job creation is targeted at poorer local communities, with 60% of the work going to women, 30% to the youth and 2% to the disabled.